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Work On the Gray Gazelle In 2007
 In  between friends visiting and other stuff to do at home, there was not much time to work on the Gazelles. It turned out that the Gray Gazelle did not need a hell of a lot of work to get it in a presentable shape! It was just stored in a barn and was not driven for a long time. It needed some tender loving care such as:  1. A good clean up job, 2. Five new tires. 3. A completely new exhaust system [except the cat converter], 4. Rear break jobs, and 5. A good refurbishing and cleaning of the carburetor. 6. Some discoloration of the black leather interior was fixed with either of the following: a. Leather Magic Kit, Kiwi Leather Cuir, or Dupli-Color Flat Black Vinyl & Fabric Spray Coating. Also decorative badges were attached. See the pictures of the refurbished Gray Gazelle below. Check out "Gazelle Standard Striping." Some more clean-up work will be done in 2008.
The Gray Gazelle 
The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle
The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle The Gray Gazelle
Work On the Old Gazelle & The New Gazelle[?] In 2007
When I started work on the Old Gazelle, this year, I remembered what Judge Sam Adkins told me when I bought the Old Gazelle.  Before I tell you what Sam told me, I need to tell you who Sam was. Sam was a judge some where in Virginia, who engaged in the business of supplying fully crated refurbished donor Chevette parts necessary to build a Gazelle kit sold by CMC. Well, being totally  automotively challenged, the sales pitch of CMC that "You can build it with a spanner and a screwdriver," made me, who never changed oil in his cars, feel totally invincible! However, the CMC sales person told me that I would do well if I bought the donor parts from Sam. So, I called up Sam and  ordered a package of all Chevette donor parts needed to build the car. I thought that Sam offered a very nice price of about $1,800 for all the parts and shipping the crate. But, talking to me he soon realized how good I would be in building the car, told me that most working professionals in the long run do not find enough time to build the Gazelle and for $5000 I cold have the Gazelle parts shipped to him by CMC to build the car for me. To make a very long story short, Judge Adkins gave me a very good advise that I did not take. I have, over the years, found out that CMC realized that they could make a better profit by selling the kits than selling the so called factory built Gazelles! That's when they started strongly marketing the kits and introduce the buyers to professional builders like Judge Adkins to get the cars built. One original employee of CMC couple of years ago told me that 95% of the Gazelle kits are still in the garage of the original buyers! Over the years I realized that, though the Gazelle kits and the manuals are very well put together compared to other kit cars, most Gazelle kits purchased by the general public never got built. People are still trying to sell their complete unbuilt kits in ebay for about $3,500! Old Gazelle was sold on ebay. It was sold to a gent from Punxsutawney, PA. Needless to mention, he got a very nice deal!

Getting the "Gray Gazelle" in presentable condition this summer, I came to realize that It is a very time saving idea to buy a well built or a factory built used Gazelle and work on it to get it to a good working and presentable condition than building one from scratch, unless one is knowledgeable and has access to most of the necessary tools needed to do the work efficiently!  I found another Gazelle on ebay and was able to pick it up at a reasonable price. It is in very good condition and was hardly used. This one is very similar to the the Old Gazelle,  I was building from scratch! So, I am going to fix the "the new Gazelle" now and sell the half built Old Gazelle  kit! It has virtually all the parts.  Below are some pictures and description of the new Gazelle! It was shipped in covered trailer by National Transport LLC from Oroville, CA. Their charges were reasonable. It fit very well in my garage and was stored fror the winter. 

The New Gazelle from 
Oroville, CA
The New Gazelle The New Gazelle The New Gazelle The New Gazelle
The New Gazelle The New Gazelle The New Gazelle The New Gazelle
The New Gazelle The New Gazelle
The New Gazelle The New Gazelle The New Gazelle The New Gazelle
The New Gazelle
 Description Vehicle Description by Seller
1929 Replica/Kit Makes  :  Gazelle convertible 
Miles:  212       Body Type: Convertible Doors:  2 doors or more      Transmission:  Manual  Interior:  Brown 
Exterior:  Tan    Warrenty: No    Exterior:  White    Engine:  4 - Cyl. Ford Pinto      Year:  1979 VIN Number:  CA967260 
                                       Title:   Clear   Condition: Used     Inspection:  CA Plates   Fuel Type:  Gasoline 
                                           Options:  Leather Seats, Convertible, Cassette Player, Air Conditioning 
Vehicle Description by Seller
You are bidding on a Used Repica/kit of a 1929 Mercedes-Benz Gazelle Convertible. This car has a 1979 Ford Pinto motor rebuilt and has a rebuilt 4 speed transmission. The car is on its second owner, who got it from The Amicus Curiae foundation. I do have all the paper work on this vehicle. The car is about 97% done. It just needs the door trim and the dash trim done. All of the other peaces are done. The color is a light tan or cream color with dark brown fenders. The in side of the car is a brown leather too. The car has 212 miles on the speedometer, which you can see in the picture. 
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